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At TJGI we pride ourselves on our core competency of facilitating organizational strategy from bricks to clicks on a world class level. Our professional facilitators are required to have a minimum of ten years of C-Suite experience in addition to a strong history of successful strategic design and implementation before they step in front of your team for the very first time.

Whether you are the CEO or the Senior HR Executive responsible for finding Strategic Planning or Executive Retreat facilitators, you know how difficult it is to find that one person in a million you would allow to stand at the front of the room. These are some of the most important and certainly the most expensive meetings you could host with a room full of intelligent and highly compensated executives from around the country or around the world. In a room like that you do not want to miss on any opportunity and at TJGI we don't miss.

Strategic Planning Design and Facilitation

Our approach is always fresh and contemporary to the business climate and we always have an eye out for the future. A process or condition that existed two, three, or five years ago will not work in today's fast paced environment where more and more business owners are investment bankers or equity partners. Remaining current on your approach to your strategy process is as important as remaining current on your finance vehicles. You need to be sure you're not only on the right track but also in the right race. Our blend of business intelligence coupled with our behavioral approach allows for consistent and definable results that have your key executives ready to take on the challenges of near term and long range goals. Our goal is to have a working understanding of your business prior to our planning retreat. We do not believe in the typical approach to strategic planning.  Our goal is to insure your strategic initiatives and goals have the traction and internal support necessary to become implemented. 

Dynamic Mentoring

Mentoring is a dynamic process designed to unleash the potential of employees. Built on mutual respect, trust and the sharing of ideas and experience, mentoring plays a critical role in career development. As organizations adapt to dynamic environments, traditional training methods may not keep pace with the complexity and diversity of today’s landscape. Those who cannot adapt and learn quickly will not prosper.

Mentoring is designed to build a legacy of knowledge throughout the organization. To be successful it should move the mentoring partnership from the informal to the formal and combine the key elements of relationship building with a well thought-out plan for individualized development.

We assist in the matching of Mentors and Mentees then bring them together in a workshop structure to begin the partnership, how to structure your mentoring relationship and the keys to success of a mentor/mentee relationship.

Strategic Plan Management

We implement what we develop. We offer implementation services that include managing your strategic initiatives and their associated deliverables. We support the deliverables on your critical time path on a monthly, quarterly or semi-annual basis.

Turnaround Experts

Companies are facing difficult times. The current world economic and political problems leave no one unaffected. For many, survival is at stake. We are experienced business people and can help you through these difficult times. Have you looked everywhere for a comprehensive source of turnaround techniques for restructuring your company without any luck? Through the turmoil, it is difficult to know what the problems are, how to fix them and what to do first. You know that any wrong moves could shut down your business and result in a bankruptcy filing. These missteps are so easy to make right now. I am the author of "CEO Point Blank", which is based on best practices and stories from my many turnarounds. Available on Amazon

Executive Recruiting & Coaching

Our experience with C-Suite Executives provides us the knowledge and experience of working with existing executives who have a desire to add to their team. Having coached hundreds of C-Suite Executives, we have the ability to identify those candidates that possess the competencies, skills and behaviors needed to be successful. We provide individual executive coaching services that help you develop and improve the performance of your key executives. We specifically work on the behavioral aspects of executive performance. We focus on communication style, leadership development, professional and personal goals, time management, and the individual's contribution to team goals and objectives.

Interim CEO Services

Turnaround management is the process of developing and implementing strategies to return a company in crisis to profitability and growth. It usually involves the replacement of some of the incumbent management of the company by professional executives whose experience, training and temperament are best suited to dealing with the complex issues facing a company in crisis. We accept executive and non-executive roles within companies in crisis. Our involvement can be full or part time depending on the requirements.

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