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The Jenks Group® was founded on the philosophy that good business planning and a committed team of professionals are mission critical factors in creating and sustaining a profitable organization. We are a strategic services company. We are clear in what our strengths are as consultants and remain focused on those

strengths. We also appreciate and live a healthy work life balance.

"What We Love To Do When We Aren't Working"
  Our Team

Sharon Jenks, CPBA and CEO/President of The Jenks Group®, is a professional behaviorist who has worked with thousands of individuals and companies in reaching their personal and professional goals. She does this through helping people discover their behavioral talents in order to increase their effectiveness in communication. Her foundational belief is that job performance is directly linked to how well a person knows themselves and how well they can adapt to other communication styles.

Sharon, a survivor of cancer in, is a sought after keynote speaker where she specializes in helping other cancer victims overcome their fear in "Reaching for the Brass Ring" and is a past chairman of several non-profit boards. She has co-authored a book with Dr. Stephen Covey, Ken Blanchard, and Brian Tracy titled “Discovering Your Inner Strength”.

Ed Jenks, Senior Consultant and Chief Strategist of The Jenks Group, Inc. is a well known and nationally recognized business professional with more than twenty-five years as a C-Suite Executive. Ed has transcended the industry specialist challenge by holding the Chief Executive Position in four different industries and played at Senior Executive Positions in several more. Ed went on to formulate what has become one of the most successful and contemporary Strategic Planning processes utilized in business today, and has facilitated more than three hundred successful programs for Fortune 1000 companies throughout the United States. His program is designed to increase both top and bottom line organizational performance and his track record of success spans three decades. Author, lecturer, CEO and professional business leader Ed Jenks is known for his tough approach to business challenges having led organizations through three wars, five recessions, natural disasters and the climate of terrorism that affects business today.

J. Rob Handley, graduated with a B.S. in History from Central Michigan University and an M.S. in Instructional Leadership, Organizational Development from Jacksonville University.  Rob is currently a Doctorate in Business Administration student at Jacksonville University.  His research focus is on effective leadership within high performance organizations and how to duplicate their successful models into underperforming companies. Rob comes to The Jenks Group with experience as a practitioner in a variety of industries:  international/domestic residential real estate sales, military, K-12 education, and higher education administration.  Rob's interests include change management, talent acquisition, talent retention, obstacle course racing, running, beach volleyball, and weight training. 

Kathy Wentworth Drahosz, Founder and President of The Training Connection, Inc., Kathy has more than a decade of experience in business, product and people development. She is the co-developer and author of Dynamic Mentoring, Mentoring for Success and Making an IMPACT in your Career, three practical approaches to tapping human potential and preparing for career and personal transitions. More than 50,000 persons worldwide have experienced the power of her training programs and products. Certified by the Governor Of Virginia, representing business and industry, Kathy provides guidance and oversight for activities under Virginia's Job Training Plan. Kathy is recognized for her work in helping individuals and organizations tap their unlimited potential!

Carolyn Duncan, became a training and development consultant 20-year career with Marriott Corporation. Her management background includes operations and human resource management, coordinating government programs, multi-unit training, and development responsibilities. In her role as Western Regional Training and Development Director for HOST Marriott, she developed and implemented various associate and management programs including Total Quality Management, Human Resource Management, Management Development and other site training and incentive programs.

Recent accomplishments include assisting large and small businesses with human resource and training needs, large-scale diversity initiatives, needs assessments, and management skills classes. Carolyn lives in Martinez, California, and travels throughout the country delivering management training and development seminars and providing human resource support to large and small businesses. 

Joan Silva, C.P.A., her experience and background come from varied sources. After graduating with honors in business and accounting, she worked for one of the most prestigious public accounting firms in the country. She later served as Vice President and Manager of Internal Audit for one of the nation's largest, publicly held real estate firms. She has since successfully owned and operated three businesses over the last 10 years.

Our Expertise 

We are master planning and executive retreat facilitators having a combined history of forty years standing and delivering in front of top business professionals. We are experienced coaches having spent 20+ years as senior executives in both large and small privately held and publicly traded companies. We are certified behavior analysts, which allows us to assess and support executive growth and performance. We are experienced recruiters, team builders and acquisition managers that can support fast paced assimilation of new executive team members. We have a demonstrable track record of both top and bottom line successful financial performance.

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