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"Your Business, Your Life, Our Passion"

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Strategic Services
for Senior Management

The Jenks Group provides strategic guidance and support services to organizations that value executive team development, clarity of mission through careful planning and the implementation of strategy that has purpose.


The Jenks Group® was founded on the philosophy that good business planning and a committed team of professionals are mission critical factors in creating and sustaining a profitable organization. We are a strategic services company. We are clear in what our strengths are as consultants and remain focused on those strengths. We are master planning and executive retreat facilitators having a combined history of forty years standing and delivering in front of top business professionals. We are experienced coaches having spent fifty years as senior executives in both large and small privately held and publicly traded companies. We are certified behavior analysts, which allows us to assess and support executive growth and performance. We are experienced team builders and acquisition managers that can support fast paced assimilation of new executive team members. We have a demonstrable track record of both top and bottom line successful financial performance.

  • Strategic Plan Design & Facilitation

  • Strategic Plan Management

  • Interim CEO/Executive Chairman/CFO Services

  • Turnaround Experts

  • Executive Recruiting & Coaching

  • Mentoring Programs

  • Behavioral Assessments

Three Locations:
  • Solana Beach, CA
  • Jacksonville, FL
  • Calhoun, GA

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